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The iDol Portable Power Provider is a universal external battery with long operating time, widely compatibility, super thin design and convenience for any 3C device using DC 5V or 9V. Plug your 3C device(s) into iDol with an appropriate adaptor, and then experience the convenience of iDol wherever you go.


  • Long operating time
    The iDol Portable Power Provider is controlled by patented nanotechnology energy management circuitry which brings 50% to 60% more using time than other products.
  • Widely compatibility
    Simply change the adaptor and connect to any DC powered device, such as iPod series, NDS, PDAs, MP3 Players, Digital Cameras, charging 5V or lower by USB and 9V by IEEE1394. Furthermore, iDol can charge 2 different input interface at the same time. (PS. Do not charge over 1A at one time in one output port)
  • Super thin design
    Dimensions: 104 x 61.2 x 17mm, Weight: 136.1g, you can carry iDol and recharge your device(s) anytime and anywhere.
  • Long life cycles
    2 years warranty of 1000 charge /discharge cycles and 3 times longer than other batteries of 3C devices.


Battery Type Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
Rated Capacities 4000mAh standard charge / discharge
Cycle Life More than 1000 charge / discharge cycles
Charge Time 2.5 ~ 4.5 Hrs.
Weight 136.1g
Dimensions 104 x 61.2 x 17mm (D x W x H)
Operating Temperature 32°F to 149°F (0°C to 66°C)
Humidity Range 45~75 relative humidity
Charging input 5V@1A ~ 2A 1C
Output Voltage 5V/1A & 9V/1A
(USB: 5V, IEEE1394: 9V)

Package Contents:

1. The iDol Portable Power Provider x 1
2. AC 120V-240V Adaptor x 1
3. Leather Case x 1
4. USB to DC Cable x 1
5. USB to Mini USB Cable x 1
6. iPod IEEE 1394 Connector x 1
7. User's Manual